Monday, April 8

DC here we come!

Tuesday, April 17

Three days after returning from our AWESOME trip we are still a little tired but we are enjoying an afternoon of "checking out the blog".

Saturday, April 14

White House picture stop. 
This is the "crew" I will always remember was with me when I learned I would be principal of HES! Much love!

I love this group! Lincoln Memorial!

Vietnam Memorial rubbings

Headed to Jefferson Memorial (in background)

FDR (loved the weather, water, and a place to sit)

One of the new experiences this year, Udvar Hazy Air & Space Museum!

Alli helping out Mrs. Jones. She had no seat so Alli offered her lap!! Highland students are so kind and thoughtful

Emmy showing her patriotic side

Tingle's TerrificTourists in front of George Washington's home at Mount Vernon

Students listening to the tour guide during the Capitol tour. Students are looking at the layout of Washington, D.C.

Tingle's Terrific Tourists at the Capitol Visitor Center. Lady Freedom in the background

Friday, April 13

Bus 2 can't wait for the Golden Corall

Nose bleed buddies! Nose bleed number three, a new record!

Hunter found the Falcon model that his dad flies.

Holding up the space shuttle at Udvar!

Ahhhhhhh!!! Taylor's  Tots are getting eaten by a great white shark!!


Outside the Jefferson Memorial!

Beautiful group and beautiful view!

The new Martin Luther King Memorial!!

Bus 2 at the Korean War Memorial with a Korean War veteran! How neat!

At the Korean War Memorial.

Trio of boys at Lincoln Memorial!

Listening to the tour guide at WWII memorial.

Beautiful day!

WWII is our 1st stop!

Mrs. Peveler getting the kids ready for our last day!